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Many Doctors often ask me," Why is your company named T.K Medical?"

I explained to them T.K Medical has the following two meanings:

T.K Medical means " Technology Key". We want to seek the key to technological issues, which means we want not only to master key technologies of clinical devices, but also to take the initiative to solve key issues in this field by developing mose secure, effective and efficient medical devices. We provide medical devices for Doctors, and , in a broader sense, for the  well being of human beings. With the philosophy " new technology, new life" in mind, we are cooperating with surgeons and have been developed more than 300 new products with our own Intellectual Property right. Now our new products have been used in the clinical medicine; some of them are bringing on innovations in some clinical technology.

T.K Medical means "Technology King". We have the strictest requirement to improve the quality of our medical devices, it is because we are fully aware of the big difference between medical devices and other common commodities. We always bear in mind that " it is living and lovely patients who are under the medical devices!". We  must offer best medical devices using the most advanced technologies to patients. Therefore we should be, and must be "Technology King".